Global Water Crisis

Every day, millions of women & children in developing countries are forced to carry heavy loads of water for long distances, typically in heavy 20L (kg) containers on their head. In just one day, 152 million+ hours of their time is consumed for the most basic of human needs — collecting water. More

Hippo Water Roller

The Hippo Water Roller is a simple and efficient way to collect much more water, much more easily and in less time. It collects 5 times more water than a single bucket by simply rolling it along the ground. It was specifically designed for use in tough rural conditions. More

Broad Social Impact

The Hippo Water Roller empowers women and children and results in many social benefits, most of which are immediate: it reduces suffering, prevents long-term injuries, improves hygiene and health and saves time. It has been widely accepted in many communities and countries. More