The Project aims to alleviate the daily struggle endured by women & children by helping them improve their ability to transport much more water, much more easily and in less time from water points that are often located far from their homes...
SIMPLE SOLUTION: The Hippo Water Roller carries 90 litres (24 gallons) of water inside a rolling wheel - the weight of the water is borne on the ground.
WATER CRISIS: Every day, millions of women and children in developing countries are forced to carry heavy loads of water for long distances to their homes.
SOCIAL IMPACT: The benefit of the Hippo roller is immediate. It saves time, reduces suffering, and improves health and hygiene.
PARTNER WITH US: The Hippo Water Roller Project distributes sponsored Hippo rollers to rural impoverished communities where access to water is limited.

Millions are desperate for your support!

  1. Communities in Need

    Too many communities do not have sufficient access to water
  2. Partner with us

    Partner with us to help eliminate this daily struggle
  3. Social Impact

    Benefit to the community is immediate and far-reaching

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Global Water Crisis

Family carrying water

1 Billion people

  • Without adequate access to water
  • People have to carry water home
  • Water points are far from home
  • Mostly women and children
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Simple Solution

Government Approved

  • "Appropriate innovative technology"
  • Reduces traffic to and from water sources
  • Reduces spinal, back and hand injuries

Social Impact

Benefit is immediate

  • Most benefits are immediate
  • Reduces suffering caused by heavy loads
  • Empowers women and children
  • Improves hygiene and health
  • Saves time every day

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