Water for Thought: Life-Changing Design - About the Exhibition

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Here is a video and some images from the Water for Thought: Life-Changing Design exhibition currently running in London (until 23 March 2013). In the video you will see the Hippo water roller at 50 sec. and 1min 50 sec.

Some of the World's most innovative product designs for accessing, transporting or purifying water in developing countries are on show at the Roca London Gallery. Do visit the Roca London Gallery Facebook page for more photo's and videos.

This video provides background to the exhibition and gives glimpses of the solutions on display.


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Where can I BUY the Hippo roller?

Go to the Hippo Roller Shop. We ship worldwide.

Where can we request a QUOTE?

Request a formal quote from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Compare prices and shipping fees at the Hippo Roller Shop.

Do you have LOCAL distributors?

No local distributors yet … Visit our online shop to check pricing and shipping.

Where can I DONATE to your project?

You may sponsor Hippo water rollers through the Hippo Roller Shop. Your full contribution will be used to provide Hippo rollers to water-stressed communities.

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