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A woman in Sudan with a Hippo roller and a water bucket

The Hippo roller carries 90 litres (24 gallons) of water inside a rolling wheel. With the Hippo roller the weight of the water is borne on the ground.

The water is transported by holding on to the handle with which the drum is pushed or pulled. This requires far less effort from people than carrying the traditional 20-liter (5-gallon) buckets or containers on their heads. Dimensions:

  • Drum: 50 x 50 x 65 cm. Capacity: 90 Litres. Weight: 8.5kg.
    A Hippo roller filled with 90 L water effectively weighs only 10 kilograms (22 pounds) on level ground.
  • Handle: 100 x 70 x 3cm. The steel handle provides firm control over difficult terrain while pushing or pulling the roller.
  • Lid: 135 mm / 5.3 inch diameter. The large opening allows for easy filling and cleaning of the interior. The sealed lid ensures hygienic storage of water.


Hippo roller used in tough rural conditions

The Hippo roller has a maintenance-free design for use in tough rural conditions where users have no access to spare parts. 

  • The drum is manufactured from UV stabilized Polyethylene
  • The flexible drum material has no seams or joints and forms a thick wall of protection
  • Stress distribution is around the entire drum
  • An embedded sand grit adds an extra layer of protection
  • The screw-cap wears IN and not out
  • An average lifespan of 5 - 7 years and more
  • Extensive field tests over many years have proven its effectiveness
  • Used in test cases as an anti-personnel demining device, absorbing the blast of landmines when filled with water


Compare cost / price of 90L roller

Compare cost of 15L water buckets


1997 SABS Design Award for Hippo Water Roller

  • The SABS Design Institute awarded the Hippo Water Roller the Cullinan Award (Industrial Category) in 1992; and the “Design for Development” award in 1997.

    The Design Institute of the South African Bureau of Standards regularly uses the roller in exhibitions around the world.
  • The Hippo Water Roller was a finalist in the INDEX: 2005 Award and received "Top Nominee" status in the Home category. 

    INDEX: Design to Improve Life® is a Danish organisation that Inspire, Educate and Engage in designing sustainable solutions to global challenges.


Design Revolution Front Cover

Instant Mobile Shop - Brand Building opportunity

Hippo Mobile Spaza roller

The Hippo Mobile Spaza* is an instant mobile shop using the Hippo roller as a transport vehicle and display facility for products to be sold in rural and informal communities:

  • Trolley mode for transporting products to market
  • Display mode for a variety of products
  • Emergency transport for the sick and injured

The unit has a shade cover made from durable plastic; canvas or shade netting. There are excellent space for branding available on the unit to inform buyers of the particular brand or product.

  • Racks: 4 x 175 mm hinged and collapsible
  • Total height in transport mode: 700 mm
  • Canvas canopy size: 1200 x 700 x 250 mm
  • Deployed size: 1600 mm

* A Spaza shop is a Zulu term for an informal convenience shop.

Hippo Irrigation Cap

Hippo Water Roller Irrigation cap

Efficient watering of crops

For small scale farmers and household gardens

The standard cap can be replaced with an irrigation cap which assists small-scale farmers to irrigate their crops more efficiently as well as solve the household need for water with the same equipment.

Filter provision

A screw-on filter is also available for clean water consumption.


hipporoller-screw-on-filterThe Wildlands Conservation Trust uses a bartering model with their communities, whereby members have the opportunity to grow tree seedlings, and in exchange for trees, they can barter for products they want.

We have formed a relationship with Wildlands to enable their "Treepreneurs" and "Foodpreneurs" to barter their products for the Hippo Water Roller.

Emergency Response Kit

Emergency response kit for Hippo water roller

The Hippo Water Roller emergency kit is a brilliant multi-faceted solution for survivalists, "doomsday preppers" and anyone preparing for emergency situations.

The Hippo roller can be pre-packed with the required emergency contents to suit a variety of disaster scenarios.

Hippo rollers can be colour-coded to indicate the contents:

  • Blue - fresh water
  • Green - food supplies
  • Red - medical supplies
  • Orange - general survival

The Hippo roller serves its primary purpose of transporting and storing water when the emergency contents have been unpacked.

What is it?

The Drop Test

  • The Hipporoller Drop Test In November 2009 we took a Hippo Water Roller filled with 90 Litres (24 gallons) of water and dropped it from a height of 2.2 meters (7 feet) onto a solid concrete floor.…

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