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Project Overview


Solid foundation of 20 years plus

The project seeks to help reduce the global burden of limited access to water, affecting more than a billion people.

The Hippo Water Roller Project aims to reduce the number of people without adequate access to water by 1% = 10 million people.

  • 42,000 Sponsored Hippo Rollers distributed to date
  • 300,000 direct beneficiaries @ 7 members per household
  • Distributed in South Africa and 20 other African countries
  • 20 years of being proven in the field
  • Significant international exposure


  • Africa Foundation
  • HSBC South Africa
Collage of Hipporoller partner logo's
  • Bloemwater
  • Operation Hunger
  • Childvoice International
  • Thebe Investment Corporation
  • Carghill
  • Vodacom Foundation
  • Collette Foundation
  • World Food Programme
  • South African Department of Rural Development and Land Reform


Nelson Mandela endorsing the Hippo water roller

CNN LogoWorld News - 1996

CNN Correspondent: Mike Hannah

"With the financial assistance of others, there's now the real possibility that a burden carried for so long can be set aside forever."

Nelson Mandela, August 2000:

“A personal appeal is made to your organization to actively support a national project which will positively change the lives of millions of our fellow South Africans.”

We were privileged to meet former President and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Mr. Nelson Mandela on two occasions and to gain his endorsement and support for the Hippo roller.


Kids with Hippo rollers

The Hippo Water Roller IS THE ORIGINAL water roller invented in 1991 by two South Africans: Mr. Pettie Petzer and Johan Jonker.

Initially called the “Aqua Roller” the name was changed to “Hippo Water Roller” in 1993 to give it an “African flavour”. The association with water, round body and thick skin compares well to the famous African Hippopotamus.

The Hippo Water Roller is exclusively manufactured and distributed worldwide by Imvubu Projects, a Social Enterprise - trading as The Hippo Water Roller Project.


"To improve access to clean water for rural and impoverished households by means of appropriate technologies including the Hippo Water Roller, consequently improving their quality of life and economic prospects."

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Why should millions of women and children struggle to get water to their homes every single day of their lives?

Your involvement will improve access to water for those who struggle daily.

Help Take Us to the Next Level...

  • Your support / sponsorship will make Hippo water rollers more affordable to end-users via trade and retailers.
  • Partial subsidy distribution and increased volumes will allow us to reduce the unit price.


Branding of Hippo roller screw caps

The Hippo Water Roller provides an innovative marketing opportunity in the rural areas and good ROI.

  • Responsible social investment (CSI)
  • Extensive Public Relations (PR)
  • Partner with us and sponsor your own community
  • Branding of the units in the sponsor's colours
  • Great mobile exposure for your brand
  • Positive association in the rural areas by resolving such an important need in the community
  • Trade & Retail linked incentive programs for your brand
  • Annual campaigns that extend free units to other communities in the province


67.67 Hippo Water Roller Challenge in support of Mandela Day67.67 Hippo Water Roller Challenge

  • In Support of the 67 minutes of Community Upliftment drive for International Mandela Day.
  • Short URL:

Sponsor the Rooigrond Community


General:   Grant Gibbs +27 82 447 1848  
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Imvubu Projects cc (trading as)
Hippo Water Roller Project

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Sales:   Laura Rigby +27 82 820 0258  
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Promotions & PR:   Digby Wesson +27 83 449 5589  
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Promotions & PR:   Margie-May Rigby +27 83 458 5959  
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Where can I BUY the Hippo roller?

Go to the Hippo Roller Shop. We ship worldwide.

Where can we request a QUOTE?

Request a formal quote from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Compare prices and shipping fees at the Hippo Roller Shop.

Do you have LOCAL distributors?

No local distributors yet … Visit our online shop to check pricing and shipping.

Where can I DONATE to your project?

You may sponsor Hippo water rollers through the Hippo Roller Shop. Your full contribution will be used to provide Hippo rollers to water-stressed communities.

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