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Community handover event

The Hippo Water Roller Project distributes sponsored Hippo rollers in partnership with NGO’s, corporate businesses and governments to rural impoverished communities where access to water is limited.

  • Sponsorship funding is secured and a recipient community is identified with or without the sponsor.
  • The project is introduced to the benefiting community leadership and a mandate to proceed is obtained.
  • The handover date is set, and on completion of production, the rollers are delivered to the site.
  • At the handover ceremony, community leaders and invited dignitaries address the beneficiaries - Sponsors are encouraged to participate.
  • Rollers are handed over to community and/or household representatives in a predetermined and controlled manner.


Mould used in Hippo roller manufacturing


Currently, all Hippo rollers are manufactured in and shipped from our factory in Johannesburg, South Africa.

It takes 1 hour to produce 1 drum. The current capacity is 6,000 units per month using one machine. The manufacturing capacity is determined by the number of concurrent moulds. Multiple machines are available to immediately increase our capacity when required.

Mobile manufacturing plant for the Hippo water roller

Our mobile plant enable us to outsource manufacturing to regional manufacturers.

  • Transport raw materials more cost effectively
  • Manufacture on site
  • Local final assembly of complete Hippo roller
  • Distribute locally
  • Relocate mobile plant
  • Local job creation opportunity

Hippo Water Roller Local Manufacturing Format: PDF | Size: 0.4 MB | Date: 2010



Hipporoller ownership

The successful rollout of the project is increasingly measured not based on quantity alone but by the quality of feedback received from users of the Hippo rollers.

  • Beneficiaries are encouraged to contribute towards the cost in cash or in kind as they are able.
  • This promotes a sense of ownership and value and consequently the rollers last much longer.
  • Any funds collected remain in the community for the benefit of all.
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  • Impact Assessment: Department of Rural Development

    In October 2012, the South African Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) produced the Hippo Water Roller Impact Assessment Report - 8 Selected Sites.



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Where can I BUY the Hippo roller?

Go to the Hippo Roller Shop. We ship worldwide.

Where can we request a QUOTE?

Request a formal quote from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Compare prices and shipping fees at the Hippo Roller Shop.

Do you have LOCAL distributors?

No local distributors yet … Visit our online shop to check pricing and shipping.

Where can I DONATE to your project?

You may sponsor Hippo water rollers through the Hippo Roller Shop. Your full contribution will be used to provide Hippo rollers to water-stressed communities.

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