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Lillydale & Hlabekisa, Mpumalanga: Africa Foundation & HSBC, August 2012

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Lillydale  Hlabekisa Mpumalanga Africa Foundation  HSBC August 2012In August 2012, the Africa Foundation with funding from sponsors HSBC handed over hundreds of rollers to two communities in Mpumalanga.

The first community was Hlabekisa located on the border of the Kruger National Park in Mpumalanga.

250 x Hippo rollers were handed over to members of the rural Hlabekisa community. Dozens of learners of the local Mchchi primary school helped eagerly to unload the 250 new water rollers.

During the handover ceremony Lotus Khosa translated for David Millard, both from Africa Foundation, while thanking sponsors HSBC for the Hippo Water Rollers.

The community of Lillydale in Bushbuck Ridge waited anxiously for the delivery of Hippo rollers to arrive. The delivery of 250 Hippo rollers was interrupted by the truck breaking down not 5km away - another day in Africa!

At last with a little help from a local truck owner, the 250 x Hippo rollers arrived safely.

The Africa Foundation's management and the sponsors handed over the Hippo rollers to eager recipients, joined by the Bushbuck Ridge mayor's office and the local community of Lillydale.

This handover was part of the Africa Foundation's campaign in August 2012, with funding from sponsors HSBC.



Hippo Water Roller HippoRoller Hippo Water Roller

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