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Hope the happy hippo

Hippo Roller is very proud to announce the Hippo Hub

Hippo Hub is an initiative to provide global awareness of the need for water reliability.

Travel the world with Hope (the happy hippo) as she educates young minds and educators alike on the severe challenges faced by almost a third of the world's population and the exciting initiatives to overcome them. Join the 450 Club and make your mark on the world knowing that you have positively changed the lives of many with this simple idea.

Revolutionizing Water Access: The Resurgence of Hippo Roller Technology

Sufficient water is necessary to practice basic hygiene including washing hands regularly and other household needs including drinking, cleaning and cooking. Irrigating small-scale food gardens is critical to sustain families and encourage them to grow their own food while the severely affected economy recovers.

Carrying heavy 25-litre buckets of water multiple times per day is extremely difficult for the youth, elderly and disabled and increases their risk of infection every time they visit a water collection point.

Even with the passing emergency of the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of Hippo Roller technology remains as crucial as ever. The Hippo Roller continues to be an indispensable tool for communities lacking proper water infrastructure, contributing to the well-being of these communities and enhancing their hygiene by providing efficient access to water, 90 liters at a time. It offers a flexible and mobile solution for accessing multiple water points based on availability, ensuring sustained water security for these communities.