Fighting poverty amongst children – the Tariro House of Hope in Zimbabwe

Poverty - hippo roller 5 Tariro House of hope.jpg

Fighting poverty amongst children is the reason why Regina Dururu started Tariro House of Hope (THH) in 2002, just 20km east of Zimbabwe’s capital city Harare. Regina knew she could afford to buy a property to house the children, making a difference “One at a time”. She knew if she started to feed them, clothe them, and […]

“A Drop of Water” – new documentary focusing on the severe drought in Africa


A 90-minute documentary filmed by Turkish director Suat Emuce centers on three African kids, who live an underprivileged life, struggling against a lack of healthy, drinkable water. It presents the audience with the harrowing struggle of these three small human beings in search for clear water, the essential requirement for survival. Emuce said he has […]

“No water today” – A school drama in rural South Africa

“No water today” was filmed and produced in August 2012 by Grant Gibbs of the Hippo Water Roller Project. Scene 1 – Wake up! [Daughter] There is no water for me to wash. What must I do? [Mother] Here is a little water left over – use this to wash your face. [Father] Why is […]