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Litres of Water / Year
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You can't sanitise what you can't WASH

The Hippo Roller's Role in The Midst Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

Sufficient water is necessary to practice basic hygiene including washing hands regularly and other household needs including drinking, cleaning and cooking. Irrigating small-scale food gardens is critical to sustain families and encourage them to grow their own food while the severely affected economy recovers.

Carrying heavy 25-litre buckets of water multiple times per day is extremely difficult for the youth, elderly and disabled and increases their risk of infection every time they visit a water collection point.

The need for Hippo Roller technology is essential now, more than ever before, to bolster efforts to protect families from exposure to Covid-19. The Hippo Roller is a necessary tool for communities without water infrastructure to help protect their health and improve their hygiene through improved access to water, 90-litres at a time providing a flexible, mobile infrastructure to access multiple water points depending on availability.