A visit to Maleng-Agok, South Sudan in 2010 to evaluate the use of Hippo rollers


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01 South Sudan: Evaluation, December 2010

In December 2010, we travelled to Maleng-Agok in South Sudan to see first-hand the impact the 175 Hippo rollers made on the community which we handed over to them eight months earlier. This evaluation trip was made possible through more generosity from the same Australian donors who sponsored the rollers.

We met again with the Lakes States Minister for Agriculture and Forestry, Mr. Eli Magok Manyol. The Minister expressed his sincere appreciation for the donation of Hippo rollers and we discussed the potential for expanding the project.

The following day we had the honour of meeting with the Lakes State Governor, Mr. Chol Tong Mayay, who again articulated his government’s gratitude and earnest desire to expand the Hippo roller project. Clearly the Hippo Water Roller had made a very positive impact on the people of South Sudan.

We then spent a lot of time travelling to rural villages including Maleng-Agok to experience for ourselves the living conditions and issues relating to water collection. We were also able to interview recipients of Hippo rollers and gain their perspective on the value of the Hippo Water Rollers.

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