June 2012 – Hippo roller exhibited at the 2012 ANC Policy conference

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President Nelson Mandela endorsed the Hippo water roller in the 1990'sThe Hippo water roller is currently being exhibited at the 2012 National Policy Conference of South Africa’s governing party, the ANC.Already in the early stages of South Africa’s young democracy, our beloved Madiba, President Nelson Mandela endorsed this proudly South African invention on two occasions:

“A personal appeal is made to your organization to actively support a national project which will positively change the lives of millions of our fellow South Africans.” – President Nelson Mandela.

2012 ANC Policy conference in Midrand, Gauteng

President Zuma acknowledges basic water services

In his opening statement at the 2012 ANC’s policy conference, President Jacob Zuma acknowledged the frustration in communities due to a lack of basic services:

“The level of frustration in some communities is high and understandably so.

“While many have received basic services, many more are still waiting for electricity, water, sanitation, proper roads, trains that run on time all the time, decent housing as well as clinics that have medical staff and medicines in certain areas.

“From time to time, people resort to protests to voice their anger, which sometimes turn violent.”

World Food Programme

Feedback from the WFP in Tanzania

We received a letter from the World Food Programme (WFP) in Tanzania, dated 11 May 2012:

“WFP Tanzania has requested for 200 additional Hippo rollers to support humanitarian and development activities in the country. WFP Tanzania has already purchased about 900 hippo rollers in 2011 and distributed these with good results to some of the supported primary schools under the current Country Programme.

“The introduction of the Hippo rollers in WFP supported primary schools has significantly reduced the daily burden on women and children for collection of water in drought prone food insecure districts in Tanzania.”

The Hippo roller immediately and significantly improves access to safe water for communities without basic infrastructure.The Hippo roller is an active peace maker in communities without water on tap.

Recent Achievements

– The Hippo was on exhibition in Marseille, France during March 2012 at the 6th World Water Forum where it was declared the “Star of the Forum” by local media.

– The Hippo was also exhibited at the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Summit recently held in Cape Town.

– The Hippo has also been selected as one of 6 x SA products to be exhibited in Helsinki, Finland during September 2012 at the “Design Capital of the World” exhibition in the category – “Innovation”.

– The Hippo will also be exhibited at the WTO (World Toilet Organization) exhibition which is being held in Durban later this year (December 2012).


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