“No water today” – A school drama in rural South Africa

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“No water today” was filmed and produced in August 2012 by Grant Gibbs of the Hippo Water Roller Project.

Scene 1 – Wake up!
[Daughter] There is no water for me to wash. What must I do?
[Mother] Here is a little water left over – use this to wash your face.
[Father] Why is there no water at home? Our daughter can’t go to school dirty!
Child take your bag and go to school now.

Scene 2 – The classroom
[Daughter] Morning Ma’m, sorry that I am late.
[Teacher] This is not good enough! How am I supposed to teach you properly if you are always late for school? You come to school smelling dirty.
[Daughter] But Ma’m we don’t have any water at home!
[Teacher] That is no excuse – everybody has the same problem – now go and sit down.

Scene 3 – At home
[Mother] I am not feeling well and the water is far away!
[Father] But it is your job to make sure that we have water.
[Mother] The water is very heavy and difficult to carry from so far… perhaps they will deliver water for us today?
[Father] I hope so too…

Scene 4 – Water tanker
Water tanker arrives… Ladies queue for water… Arguing over position in queue… Some ladies get water… Others get none! The tanker ran dry!

[Song] Kids don’t lie…
This is a reality faced by rural households everyday!

The Solution
The Hippo Water Roller… Appropriate Technology… For improved access to water…

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