December 2012 – Thank you for supporting us – can you help to sponsor the Rooigrond community?

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Help sponsor the Rooigrond community with Hippo water rollers.

Thank you for supporting us in 2012!


This year has been promising both in terms of local and international exposure as well as distribution of the Hippo water roller.

Thank you for the support and the encouragement we have received from our partners and supporters locally and all over the world.

We are working toward a significant increase in our distribution through continued corporate social investment and also the implementation of local manufacturing plants.

Do consider to participate in the HippoRoller Friends campaign where we partner this festive season with the Rooigrond community to sponsor them with Hippo water rollers.
See full details below.

Kind regards,
Grant Gibbs

Water containers lined up to be filled by members of the Rooigrond community

Help to sponsor the Rooigrond community

HippoRoller Friends is an Individual Social Responsibility campaign that gives you the opportunity to help sponsor a community with Hippo water rollers.

The Rooigrond informal settlement area is in the North-West province of South Africa.

There are only 2 water pumps, which are quite a distance from some of the homes in the community. Residents use containers or buckets to carry water to their homes. Read more…

Pushing a wheelbarrow to carry water containers is a difficult task for the sickly, elderly and children.

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HippoRoller Friends

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Each sponsored Hippo roller is delivered to the participating community within a few days.

Buy a Voucher to co-sponsor a Hippo roller or to help cover the delivery costs of rollers.

Participating communities publish multimedia feedback on the impact of Hippo rollers.


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