Cargill – Helping smallholder farmers to be more efficient

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Cargill has identified the Hippo Water Roller as an appropriate technology that will help farmers to be far more efficient by using the Hippo rollers to carry five times the amount of water with ease from their wells to their trees, and at the same time improve access to water for their families.

Hippo rollers to improve efficiency for small scale farmers in Zambia

December 2011. Cargill has invested in 360 x Hippo Water Rollers at a total investment of $36,000 to support local small-scale cotton farmers in Zambia. The rollers were transported by road from South Africa during December 2011 to Cargill’s Zambia operation.


On a roll to help chicken farmers in Mozambique

September 2015. “These 200 hippo rollers will vastly improve the farmers’ efficiency and will hopefully stimulate an increase in their production rates. It can help this community and others in Mozambique thrive,” said Pieter Reichert, general manager of Cargill Mozambique.


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