Popular water related news articles that we shared in 2012

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Most popular articles on water challenges and solutions shared by the Hippo Water Roller Network in 2012
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Almost every day we share amazing news articles pertaining to water challenges and solutions. We do this through the Hippo Water Roller Network and our social media sites. Our objective is to help create awareness and promote access to water and sanitation in the various regions of the world.

In this update we share five of the most popular water stories we have shared in 2012. But first an article that we shared yesterday at www.hipporoller.net:

China’s Unsafe Water Is Nestlé’s Opportunity

Photograph by Adam Dean/Bloomberg - businessweek.com
Water Authorities in Shanghai say that almost all surface water has been polluted, and purified water  is often re-contaminated en route to homes.  Chinese consumers are now turning to bottled water as a safer option, boosting Nestlé’s bottled-water sales. Read more…

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Using nature’s own water purifiers

Using nature’s own water purifiers

Five years ago, Fish Fry Lake was dying.  The solution was as simple as it was improbable: cover rafts with plants, and set them afloat in the lake. Today, the lake is home to a thriving community of fish.  Water clarity improved and oxygen levels rose.  Read more…

LifeStraw saving lives by purifying water

LifeStraw saving lives by purifying water

LifeStraw, a low-cost water purification tool for personal use, can purify 700 litres of water (water for one person’s annual needs).  This 25 cm long, plastic straw can save countless lives.

New Distillation System: Simplest design with highest functionality

New Distillation System: The Still

The Still is a heavy-duty stainless steel water distiller that purifies water by boiling the water and collecting only the pure steam — a process called distillation. The result is consistently pure water from any water source, without the use of filters. Read more…

2013 proclaimed by the UN as International Year on Water Cooperation

2013: UN International Year on Water Cooperation

Events around the world will help to raise awareness for the potential and challenges for water cooperation and promote innovative solutions during the International Year on Water Cooperation and World Water Day on 22 March. Read more…

Strong Cellphone Signal needed for clean water

Strong Cellphone Signal needed for clean water

Solar-powered pumps provide safe drinking water which consumers pay for using Kenya’s ubiquitous mobile payments system.  Customers pay roughly 3-4 Shillings (around two pence) per 20-litre jerry can of water. 

Read more …

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