Positive 3rd Party Impact Assessment Report – SA Government approves Hippo roller as an appropriate technology for rural development

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Community members washing clothes at a nearby river
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The South African Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) through its Technology Research and Development (TRD) Chief Directorate identified Hippo water rollers as an appropriate technology that can be rolled out in most rural areas in South Africa facing the challenge of water supply.

“The Hippo water roller… is not intended to replace the government’s plan to supply all South Africans with water, but it is an interim measure to help communities who have not yet received piped water, or where piped water is at a distance from homes.”

The DRDLR has been given the mandate by the President of South Africa to develop and implement a Comprehensive Rural Development Programme (CRDP) throughout the country, focused on enabling rural people to take control of their destiny, with the support from government, and thereby dealing effectively with rural poverty through the optimal use and management of natural resources.

“The benefits of this South African award winning innovation are immediate and so is its potential to impact positively on the long-term negative effects of not having access to clean water.”

In October 2012, the DRDLR produced the Hippo Water Roller Impact Assessment Report – 8 Selected Sites, which is a summary of the observations done by the DRDLR research team and the issues that were raised by the members of 8 communities in the Eastern Cape. An insight into people’s concerns, motivations and aspirations was gained using qualitative research.

“Hippo water rollers were well accepted by all the beneficiaries. It is indeed an appropriate innovative technology for most rural areas in South Africa.”

We are strongly encouraged by the decision of the South African government to include the Hippo water roller in its rural development strategy.

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