Running for Water in the Richtersveld – How one person changed the lives of 350 people in just 4 days

Richtersveld Wildrun, De Hoop to Sendelingsdrif, Northern Cape, South Africa on 6th June 2014

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The Richtersveld is a mountainous desert landscape in the north-western corner of South Africa. During the 1st week of June 2014 the inaugural 4 day Richtersveld Wildrun™ was held and Brendon de Boer, a staunch supporter of the Hippo Water Roller Project, took part in the race.

“Initially it was just a personal challenge which quickly developed into an idea to raise money to support the Hippo Water Roller Project. The idea was to link my challenge of running in the desert for 4 days, with the millions of woman and children who struggle to get water to their homes every single day of their lives.” – Brendon de Boer

Brendon collected donations from family, friends and colleagues for the Hippo Water Roller Project and received backing from Cargill® which provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services, to generously match the personal donations which he received.

After successfully completing the event Brendon was able to collect R100,000 for the Hippo Water Roller Project. Funds will help provide over 50 Hippo Water Rollers to an agricultural community in Zimbabwe.

“My personal satisfaction of fulfilling my challenge, whilst making a difference to a needy community has humbled me and made me aware of how relatively simple it is to educate and get those close to you aware of the water shortage plight in Africa. I would like to challenge others to support in any way they can.” – Brendon de Boer

We are extremely grateful for Brendon’s contribution. One way to respond to his challenge is to support our campaign ‘A Smarter Way to Collect Water – Transform the lives of women’– only 10 days left! This is a crowdfunding campaign, an easy way to challenge your crowd- family, friends & colleagues – to support the Hippo Water Roller Project.


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