Mathibestad rural community with no running water

Crowdfunding 6x Hippo Water Rollers for Hammanskraal communities

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Urgent Goal: 6x Hippo Water Rollers

Mathibestad is 26km west of the large rural community of Hammanskraal (north of Pretoria). Liesl-Anne Pienaar, project manager of a childrens’ home in Mathibestad, alerted the Hippo Water Roller Project through its Mandela Day campaign of the urgent need to improve access to water for residents of Mathibestad. The specific need is for people who live in the vicinity of the Covenant Garden Estate.

The whole area has no running water at all from Hammanskraal to Makapaanstad, and the water trucked in is toxic — it burns ones skin and mouth… an area without running water, and I agonise over helping the local community…

The Mathibestad crowdfunder is a pilot project and will be expanded in the future subject to user feedback and reporting from the community.

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