Iowa church improves water access in Malawi with Hippo Rollers

Malawi Songa Hippo Rollers 1

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Water access in Malawi, like most other countries in Africa, is a daily challenge faced by millions of people. Women, children and older people lift heavy buckets on their head each day and walk long distances to fetch water. This impacts heavily on their bodies, straining their body muscles, especially their backs and necks.

Fortunately, several hundred of the close to 100,000 people who live in the Songa villages of Malawi benefited from 140 Hippo Water Rollers distributed by Save Orphans Ministries in March 2016.

The Group Village Headman of Songa was short of words on the timely donation which besides easing bodily strain would also help protect the villages from water borne diseases.

“We are glad we are one of the first ones in Malawi to be considered for something that otherwise we could never see in our life time before until we would die and for that we are so thankful.” – Group Village Headman of Songa.

Pastor Suzanne Vogel of the Meredith Drive Reformed Church in Iowa thanked her church members who gave money to procure the Hippo Water Rollers from South Africa:

“Thank you so much for your giving that has assisted the deserving in a small way.” – Pastor Suzanne Vogel on Facebook.

In his remarks, Justin Majawa who is the founder of Save Orphans Ministries and also a Member of Parliament for the area said the gift was not small.

“When all seems lost in the lives of many people in Songa we can only help one person at a time. The truth of the matter is that it makes a difference in the lives of that one family that gets a Hippo Water Roller and surely any little help that can be given brings joy to them.” – Justin Majawa, the founder of Save Orphans Ministries.

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