At last! Disabled man in remote KZN village receives a Hippo Roller to collect and store water

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Earlier this year we were approached by Water Shortage SA to help an elderly gentleman who was struggling with water access.

59 year old Simon Chonco, who lives an isolated life in Egogweni, KwaZulu Natal had to tie a 20 litre container to his crutches with wire and walk an hour to a river to collect water. Living alone and in a remote area meant that there was no one to help him with his daily struggle to collect water. In addition to this Simon struggles to speak or hear properly and is also an epileptic.

“We have no water and no electricity and I want a better house. I survive through the mercy of my neighbours.” – Simon Chonco on his situation.

Soon after hearing about Simon’s plight we were contacted by the 3 Million Club who had a sponsor wanting to donate a Hippo Roller to someone in South Africa. Simon Chonco immediately came to mind.

The Hippo Roller was sent to KwaZulu Natal and collected by Deon Smit and Ricky Joyce from Water Shortage SA. Unfortunately heavy rains and bad road conditions delayed the delivery but after a 6 hour trip and the help of a 4 x 4 vehicle, Ricky finally managed to deliver the Hippo Roller.

Simon Chonco was overjoyed at the gift that he had received and the photos of him with his Hippo Roller speak a thousand words. He is now able to collect and store much more water with every trip to the river. And no doubt his neighbours will also benefit from it!

  • We would like to thank 3 Million Club and Water Shortage South Africa who partnered with us to make this possible. Together we can make the change that is needed.

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