Fighting poverty amongst children – the Tariro House of Hope in Zimbabwe

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Fighting poverty amongst children is the reason why Regina Dururu started Tariro House of Hope (THH) in 2002, just 20km east of Zimbabwe’s capital city Harare. Regina knew she could afford to buy a property to house the children, making a difference “One at a time”. She knew if she started to feed them, clothe them, and send them to school and pay foster parents to take care of them, this would keep them off the streets.

Endemic poverty has exacerbated the gloomy fate of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) in Zimbabwe today. A lack of income puts extra pressure on children to contribute financially to the household. In some cases poverty drive children to the streets to work, beg or seek food.

Apart from missing out on an education, OVCs may also miss out on valuable life-skills and practical knowledge that would have been passed on to them by their parents. Without this knowledge and a basic school education, they are more likely to stay in poverty, facing social, economic and health problems as they grow up.

THH does not have a functioning clean water source nearby and approached Hippo Roller for assistance:

“Our borehole on site does not have clean water so we have to go across the township to get clean water and we could really use one of these hippo rollers.”

Thanks to one of our US donors we were able to donate a Hippo Roller to assist THH in its fight against poverty. Unfortunately, at the value of $125 the recipients were charged a customs fee of $60 to collect the Hippo Roller even though they are registered as a Public benefit organisation! After a quick fundraising initiative they manage to pay the customs fee and collect the Hippo Roller.

We received positive feedback from THH on how the Hippo Roller helps them to improve water access and fight poverty:

“We have to send our kids and our staff to fetch water and they do this on rotating shifts. Now with the hippo roller it is much easier than our other method which is also pictured in the photos (a wheelbarrow with containers). The added bonus of the hippo roller it definitely looks cooler! In the photos the man with the hat is our Program Assistant and Caretaker showing two of our boys Simba and Tino how to use it.”

“We really appreciate your support and the wonderful donor who has helped us access clean safe water. The hippo roller is user friendly to the extent that our older kids get to go with it to the borehole to fetch water☺”
  • TAKE ACTION: Consider doing the same for the many other similarly struggling “houses of hope”. Donate here..
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