Water and Food Security Training Programme delivered to the 100th Driefontein beneficiary this week

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Striding towards sustainability and empowerment, the 100th beneficiary in Driefontein, which is situated in Merafong City local municipality, West Rand district, Gauteng province, South Africa, has successfully completed the Water and Food Security Training Programme this week.

This comes just days after the global celebration of International Women’s Day, highlighting the vital role of women in driving positive change in the community.

The programme, designed to address critical issues of water scarcity and food insecurity, commenced with a comprehensive two-day workshop focusing on climate action, the Hippo Roller, water conservation and starting a home garden.

On the second day, participants actively applied the knowledge gained from the workshop themselves in practical sessions within the garden. They learned planting and water-saving techniques, ensuring the sustainability of their efforts.

This impactful initiative would not have been possible without the invaluable support and dedication of The Roll A Hippo Foundation. Their commitment to creating transformative change in water-stressed communities has been the driving force behind the success of this programme.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to The Roll A Hippo Foundation for their unwavering dedication and vision. Their efforts have not only provided essential skills and resources but have also ignited hope and resilience within the community.

Together, let’s continue to support initiatives that promote sustainability and empower communities worldwide.

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