Distribution of 350 Hippo rollers for the Department of Rural Development’s pilot project in the Eastern Cape

truck unloading hippo rollers

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A team of the Hippo Water Roller Project covered more than 2000 km’s, many times traveling difficult terrain at less than 10 km/h, at the end of March 2012 in order to reach and hand over 350 Hippo rollers to 8 communities in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

The National Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) provided us with superb support to reach the various communities. Many of the recipients of these Hippo rollers registered to participate in our mobile feedback survey which we will conduct from time to time.

In one remote village we found a single Nedbank roller. When asking a local leader about the Hippo roller, he explained to us that the roller is owned and shared by the whole community.

We found it heartening to see how big a difference one roller can make to dozens of households in one village.

The Chief Directorate: Technology Research and Development (TRD) of the DRDLR conducted an impact assessment study of the Hippo roller in these communities and produced a report in October 2012.

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