The Hippo Water Roller to summit Mt Kilimanjaro for awareness and fundraising

brendon de boer kilimanjaro-2015

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Brendon de ​Boer, a staunch ​supporter of ​the Hippo Water ​Roller Project, ​plans to summit ​the highest ​mountain in ​Africa – with a ​Hippo Water ​Roller – to ​raise awareness ​and highlight ​the daily ​struggle for ​water faced by ​so many people ​in Africa. ​

Following the ​success of last ​year’s Desert ​Hippo challenge ​where Brendon ​and his ​supporters ​raised funds to ​donate 60 Hippo ​Water Rollers ​to a rural ​community in ​Zimbabwe, he ​now embarks on ​this new ​challenge ​between the ​19th June to ​27th June. ​

Brendon plans ​to climb Mount ​Kilimanjaro AND ​then head ​directly to the ​LEWA conservancy ​where he will ​run 42km. The ​marathon is ​regarded as one ​of the toughest ​marathons in ​the world and ​the conservancy ​is home to ​herds of ​elephants and a ​vast assortment ​of plains game. ​

His goal is ​to raise funds ​to support the ​Hippo Water ​Roller Project ​by providing ​rural ​impoverished ​communities in ​Southern Africa ​with a simple ​product that ​has an ​immediate and ​measurable ​effect on ​individuals ​health, ​sanitary, well-​being and ​economic status.​


The Hippo ​Roller at ​Kilimanjaro on ​arrival (​18 June): ​


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