“A Drop of Water” – new documentary focusing on the severe drought in Africa


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A 90-minute documentary filmed by Turkish director Suat Emuce centers on three African kids, who live an underprivileged life, struggling against a lack of healthy, drinkable water. It presents the audience with the harrowing struggle of these three small human beings in search for clear water, the essential requirement for survival.

Emuce said he has chosen four countries to be the focus of his upcoming documentary project; namely, South Africa, Mali, the Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone. Emuce said it is very difficult to imagine and feel the events happening there, adding that there are also times when you cannot even believe what you have just seen, emphasizing that when you go to Africa, you see life from an entirely different perspective.

Emuce pointed out that the water crisis is a very small dimension of the problems in Africa, explaining that apart from the water crisis, famine is also experienced around the country.

“I have understood how precious the blessings in our country are. We have a warm life from our cars to our heaters in the winter. In summer, when we feel overwhelmed by the heat, we can easily access cold and clean water. However, people in Africa have to live with whatever water they can find.

“There may be soil or brush in the water that people find in Africa, or when it rains, wells emerge, and they utilize the water from those wells, ‘mole holes’ as we call them, by using a piece of cloth,” Emuce said, adding that when you see these things, you realize how blessed you are to have access to clean water.

“I even saw people who walked for miles in the middle of the desert to get water, talking with a smile on their faces, saying hi to each other and staying together. When you see those who stay alive by leaning on each other, you also realize that your perspective towards people and your irritation even on the most trivial problems are meaningless.” –¬†Turkish director Suat Emuce

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