Blue Water Shipping keeps it cool in Africa

Blue Water Shipping

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This article reports that Blue Water Shipping’s Aid and Relief team has recently transported six Iveco refrigerated trucks from China to Africa for the United Nations. BWS Aid & Relief department specialises in worldwide humanitarian aid logistics for governmental organisations, UN, NGOs, charity foundations and their partners.BWS can handle transports to any part of the world and has a strong track record of completed tasks in some of the most affected areas in the world, e.g. Africa, the Middle East etc.Hippo Roller is proud to partner with the globally renowned company, Blue Water Shipping, who provides us with excellent service and support. BWS has already ensured that 1000’s of Hippo Rollers reach remote parts of Africa, islands in the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and soon the Caribbean sea.Special thanks to Niels Mikkelsen, Aid & Relief Logistics Manager and Johnny Mortensen, the Head of Aid & Relief Logistics for always providing quotations within 24 hours and offering us with the best rates possible.We’re looking forward to see many more blue Hippo Rollers (or any other color) shipped by Blue Water Shipping. Visit their website: Water Shipping logo

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