Hippo Rollers have now reached the 57th country being Papua New Guinea: A Story of Innovation and Impact

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In August 2023, Angelica Langlais, Programme Coordinator at the WASH Programme in Papua New Guinea, reached out to Hippo Roller with an intriguing proposition. She expressed her interest in trialing the Hippo Roller, a revolutionary water collection device, in Papua New Guinea’s unique context to assess its potential benefits for local communities facing water scarcity challenges.

Grant Gibbs, from Hippo Roller, responded with enthusiasm, highlighting the potential positive impact of the Hippo Roller in Papua New Guinea. He offered to sponsor two units for trials, provided Angelica covered the shipping costs. Despite logistical challenges and high shipping expenses, Angelica eagerly accepted the offer, recognizing the potential benefits the Hippo Roller could bring to Papua New Guinea’s water collection efforts.

Fast forward to October 2023, and the Hippo Rollers were en route to remote communities in Papua New Guinea. Angelica shared updates with Grant, detailing the excitement among local teams awaiting the arrival of these innovative devices. Despite encountering diverse terrain challenges, from flat lands to steep inclines, the Hippo Rollers showed promise in easing water collection efforts in communities.

As the trials progressed, Angelica provided valuable feedback of the Hippo Rollers in action, showcasing their transformative potential in Papua New Guinea’s water collection efforts.

Looking ahead, Angelica and her team are optimistic about the Hippo Roller’s potential to address water scarcity challenges in Papua New Guinea, with plans to scale up their efforts and potentially procure a container load of Hippo Rollers in anticipation of future needs.

The story of Hippo Rollers in Papua New Guinea is a testament to the power of innovation, collaboration, and perseverance in tackling pressing global challenges, one roller at a time. Angelica and her team exemplify the spirit of change-makers striving to make a difference in communities worldwide.

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